In producing Noongar Dandjoo, Curtin media students amplify Aboriginal voices and share stories about inspirational Noongar people.

Latest Stories

Boodja Neh

Every year Curtin University students attend a transformative week ‘on-country’ with Elder Simon Forrest at Nowanup, in the Great Southern region of WA. Here they learn about Indigenous ways of knowing and doing.


Neil’s son, Lykiam, tells the story of his Dad’s time as a child at Roelands Mission.

Polly Farmer

Kim Farmer and Ted Kilmurray discuss the life and legacy of Indigenous AFL trailblazer, Graham “Polly” Farmer.

The City of Perth Prohibited Area

Damien Hassan and Stephen Kissane share the history of A.O. Neville’s ban on Indigenous people entering the City of Perth.

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